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American Standard air conditioning prices are not very expensive. It even offers top-notch quality and service. American Standard manufactures the most authenti and comfortable units for it is customers. Buying this brand of air conditioner offers various advantages; it lets the client stay cool and helps save a lot of cash with it is effective usage of energy.

There are various American Standard models that you may choose from in the market. They vary with respect to their SEER value or the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio value. This ratio is an important measure to the efficacy of the cooling element of a specific heat pump or an air conditioner. It has the most eminent efficacy amid the air conditioners available in the market.

Its efficacy element ranges from the SEER value of 13 to the SEER value of more than 18. This is the best rating for air conditioners available in the market. Due to this factor, a good deal of clients commonly buy the American Standard. It gives ease of cooling that clients look for in their homes. It is the most effective conditioner out in the market.

One of the best models of the American Standard air conditioning scheme is the Allegiance unit. It has a SEER rating of 18, which is the greatest or most complete or best possible efficacy and cooling rating.

Conditioners of the American Standard have a two stage cooling scheme that helps you save up to 60% on your energy bills. It includes AccuLink connectivity for dandier control and convenience. The AccuLink communication scheme allows the cooling device to mechanically commune and coordinate with your other system components. It is very effective and very quiet.

It also has a charge assist; charging simplifies service and improves system refrigerant charge accuracy. It has the most eminent efficacy amidst the industry; significantly surpassing government efficacy standards and helping you save on your energy bills while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It also holds two compressors that provide two stage cooling, running at an energy saving 50% capacity most of the time, which may help lower your cooling bills. It runs quietly and keeps temperature even from room to room with it is variable speed fan motor.

It likewise comes with an surroundings friendly refrigerant that is ozone free. It likewise removes undesirable humidity from the air, leaving you sentiment cooler and more comfortable. It provides more effective and authenti cooling due to the lasting woven spine fin coil and dual duration compressors. It likewise has a rust immune coating, screws and base pan that protect your scheme from elements.

There are also deals on American Standard air conditioning prices that you may find. There are units of these models that are sold at around $1700. They even come with a strong warranty service and qualify for a rebate. American Standard offers the best product, best price, best warranty, best payment plan and the best client service you may find. They likewise have independent companies that will give you the best deal and will even give you a free home estimate.

Keep your home comfortable and cash in on energy savings with the RTH7600D seven-day programmable touchscreen thermostat from Honeywell (formerly packaged as model number RTH7600B). Designed for easy use and quick installation and packed with commodious features, this thermostat gives you programmable, customizable control over your home’s temperature without having to make uninterrupted manual adjustments.

At  a  Glance
RTH7600D 7-Day
Programmable Touchscreen
Thermostat At A Glance

  • Customized temperature setting for four periods per day
  • Effective energy expense savings
  • Backlit display and easy-to-use touchscreen
  • Intuitive adjustment for precise ease control
  • Compatibility with a range of heating and cooling systems

At  a  Glance

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #322 in Home Improvement
  • Color: White
  • Brand: Honeywell
  • Model: RTH7600D
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 3.25″ h x 1.00″ w x 6.00″ l,


  • Seven-day programmable function provides commodious and precise temperature control
  • Detailed and clear instructions included for easy installation
  • Extra-large backlit touchscreen for increased visibility and ease of use
  • Equipped with filter modify reminder and low battery indicator
  • Compatible with heating, cooling, and heat-pump systems
Carrier Air Conditioning Units Warranty

Carrier Air Conditioning Units Warranty Pic

Carrier Air Conditioning Units Warranty

Carrier Air Conditioning Units Warranty Pic

Carrier Air Conditioning Units Warranty

Carrier Air Conditioning Units Warranty Picture

Carrier Air Conditioning Units Warranty

Carrier Air Conditioning Units Warranty Photo

Carrier Air Conditioning Units Warranty

Carrier Air Conditioning Units Warranty Photo

Carrier Air Conditioning Units Warranty

Carrier Air Conditioning Units Warranty Picture


314 of 321 people found the following review helpful.
5Honeywell programmables are the Cadillac of tstats
By SirWired
Honeywell makes a very large line of programmable electronic thermostats. At first glance, this particular thermostat has nothing to distinguish it from any other programmable tstat from your local hardware store. (7-day programming, +/- 1 degree accuracy, etc.) However, this thermostat has some functions that make it quite a bit better. I’ve had RiteTemp’s and Lux tstats, and this one is much better.

Most electronic thermostats kick on the system when you are one degree under, and then run it until you are one degree over. This (and all Honeywell electronic tstats) instead target a certain number of cycles per hour (based on system type), and try and hold the temperature as constant as possible. Since I installed this a few days ago, it has not budged off of the setpoint.

Another cool feature is the recovery feature. Basically, it measures how quickly your house is losing heat (or warming up, in the summer), and kicks on the system at the correct time so it is at your setpoint right at the time you program. This eliminates guessing how long it will take your house to heat so it will be toasty when you get home at 6PM. Instead, you just set the tstat for 6PM and let it figure out the rest.

The install guide is clear and presented me with no problems. Admittedly, I don’t have a complicated system (1-stage heat/cool.) It tells you how to properly wire it, and is fairly straightforward on when you need to call for help. Most folks shouldn’t have any problems.

IMPORTANT: Use the included wire stickers! Some installers do not attach, say, the white wire to the “W” terminal. Depending on whim, they can completely attach the wires at random. Bad things happen if you plug the wrong wire onto the wrong terminal. If a wire was on the “W” terminal before, it needs to go on the new W terminal, even if it is bright yellow.

I didn’t have any trouble at all programming this one… in a few easy steps:
1) Hit the “Schedule” button.
2) Use the arrow keys and the “select” button to select which day(s) you want to program. Hit “Next Step”.
3) Use the arrow keys and “Next Step” to go through the setpoints and times.
4) Hit “Done” when finished.

If you need to set any advanced options (like changing to a two-stage furnace or A/C, setting heat pump options, etc.): Hit “System”, then hold down “Fan” for five seconds. Use the table in the manual and “Next Step” to pull up the option you need to change and use the arrow keys to change it. I set up the Filter Change Reminder that way. The fact you have to refer to the manual isn’t that bad since they are options you won’t have to change more than once.

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4A very good thermostat
I had a new Bryant small packaged system installed and decided to replace my older White-Rogers digital thermostat with Honeywell RTH7600.

Three days after the installation the thermostat is working fine. The numbers are large and clear, the programming was easy and intuitive. It is quite a bit smaller than the old White-Rogers and looks more elegant. I like that the thermostat can be taken off the wall and programmed while you sit in a chair.

I noticed a few issues, but nothing to prevent me from recommending this thermostat. These are the issues that I wanted to mention:

1. There is no back light button. For the back light to turn on, you have to touch one of the buttons on the screen. Once you do that, it activates the appropriate function (lowers temp setting, goes into fan functions, etc.) Then, you have to cancel that operation if that is not what you want. Therefore, just a simple checking of the temperature setting in the dark involves a bunch of button presses.

2. Advanced programming relies on codes. I needed to use the advance programming to set a reminder for filter replacement. The advanced functions use codes like 0120, 0170, 0300, etc. instead of words. Then, you have to select an appropriate switch for each function, e.g. “0” off, “1” 1 month filter reminder, “2” 3 months filter reminder, etc. I would prefer English words on screen rather than codes. However, codes are very clearly explained in the installation manual, so you better hold on to it if you need to use advance settings in the future.

UPDATE: It’s been a year and a half since the installation and the thermostat is working fine. I decided not to do any advance settings for auto switch between the heater and A/C. It is still on it’s first set of rechargeable LSD AA batteries (Sony CycleEnergy AAs). I am satisfied with this thermostat and, other than the lack of a backlight button, I do not have any concerns.

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4Great, ease to-use thermostat
By D. Compton
I had bought this for use on my Carrier Heat Pump with Auxiliary heat. I had a hard time figuring out if it was compatible with this configuration but this is the unit you would want. It was only a couple of bucks more for the touchscreen so I went for it.

Amazon shipped it out to me from a warehouse that is only about 20 miles from my home in Indy and for some reason it took 10 days from the time of shipping! That was a disappointment but once I got it here it was easy to install and setup even for my complicated setup. I read some reviews that complained about the back light feature not being easy to turn on and I do agree with that problem which is the only reason for the 4-stars instead of 5. To get the back light to turn on, you have to hit a button on the screen which ends up changing something that you may not have wanted to change or gone to a menu that you did not want. What they need to do is design a button on the top of the unit (outside of the touchscreen) that you could easily find in the dark which will light up the screen.

Once installed, setting the unit up and programming the features as well as setting up the schedule and temperatures was a piece of cake. I’m not sure why others had problems I thought it was easy (although I am an engineer!). Also, I read a review that mentioned a loud “clicking” noise the unit makes when kicking on and off. I disagree with this as the standard Carrier thermostat that came with my furnace was noticeably louder than this Honeywell unit so I am pleased with that.

I would recommend this unit to anyone but just don’t expect the back light feature to be useful as I still have to turn on the hall light to see what I’m doing so the feature is pretty much useless. Its easy to install, easy to operate, and should end up saving me a lot of money on my electric bill!

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