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The 630B air circulator continue’s Vornado’s superior benchmark performance with a new edge definition design. With it is distinctive signature grill and depp-pitched propeller, the 630B moves air up to 70 feet, while aerodynamically circulating all the air in a room. The 3-speed control, located on the side of the air circulator’s base, is easy to access and allows for speed selection to meet any circulation need. The base of the 630B provides added stability when operating from the floor or desktop. Use the 630B all year long in the home or office for added ease and energy savings in each season. You will…feel the difference.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #2472 in Home
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Vornado
  • Model: CR1-0074-06
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 13.60″ h x 12.00″ w x 8.25″ l, .41 pounds


  • Small air circulator idealisti for mid-size rooms, such as bedroom, kitchen, or office
  • Energy-efficient Vortex Action moves air up to 70 feet, cooling an entire room
  • 0.5 amps; 54 watts; 3 speeds
  • Directable airflow lets you blow air wherever it’s needed
  • 9.25-inch grill


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5Vornado 630B 3 Speed Mid Size Air Circulator, Black
By in1ear
I’m very familiar with Vornado products and have been using one of their room humidifiers and one of their quiet room heaters for 5 years or more. Vornado is a manufacturer that designs and renders things the right way. The Vornado 630B 3 Speed Mid Size Air Circulator does the work of much larger fans but with a minimum of noise. I know this to be a fact since a short time ago my wife bought two other well known fans at a local store and brought them home. The vornado moves as much air as the other brands Large “Industrial” use fan and obviously at a much quieterlevel. I literally had to turn on the “closed captioning” on my tv when the other brand was running in the farthest back room! And obviously not enjoying much of the fan effect from so far away. The Vornado sits slightly to one side of our entertainment center and about 6 feet away from the user. You can use it on low and it’s whisper quiet with a nice directed air pattern. The Vornado 630B 3 Speed Mid Size Air Circulator is adjustable of course, not only three different speeds but it can be aimed in a very wide range of direction including straight up for general room circulation. There are no knobs to tighten and you can accomplish the easy adjustment with a gentle push or pull in the direction needed. The fan is also easily cleaned of dust since the blade cover comes off the fins can be wiped down with just a damp cloth, cover replaces easily without tools and after plugging back in , you’re up and running quickly.

I also found that the price was just a few dollars difference from the less versatile fan and the Vornado that is ideal. That to me more than justifies the price. We took the other fan back and have happily been using our Vornado product since.

John Row

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3Powerful and quiet at first, then odd noises developed.
By D. Dumais
I really liked it at first.

Talk about moving some air. Worked great for a bit, then the rattling started. First only on the highest setting, then eventually made it down to the lowest. It started out as a vibration then became an off beat clicking. Seems to come from the motor or near it. Drove my wife crazy, light sleeper.

So I exchanged it, and it worked great for a time. Then it started to vibrate, and eventually the same clicking. Frustrated, I went to a local store this time, instead of exchanging it online again and bought a different vornado model. Worked great at first, then after a few days developed the clicking sound again. It isn’t the blade hitting anything, if I had my guess I would guess the powerful motor throwing something balance.

Bought that back to the store, exchange. Fourth unit now, quiet stable, I was finally happy. What a great fan.

Last night it started again, all I could do is groan. click, Ack.

Brought it back..

I won’t give it less than three stars, the clicking can be lived with. It is pronounced and not timed so it stands out. Not good for a light sleeper but if you can live through offbeat sounds, your good. Other than that, seems solid.

Too bad, I read so many good things about Vornado, I was pumped to get a high quality fan and was willing to pay. They start out really quiet, so if you can get it to stay that way, you will be happy.

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4Better air circulation than other fans
By Hoppaguy
I do not have AC and was looking for a fan that circulated air better than the standard fan. After testing out a few models, I found that this model of the Vornado produced a noticeably cooler room. I like the slowest speed in that it is very quiet and hardly noticeable.

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