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  • Amazon Sales Rank: #6 in Home Improvement
  • Brand: Nest
  • Released on: 2012-10-14
  • Number of items: 1


  • 2nd generation design – Nest is now 20 percent thinner and works in 95 percent of homes with low voltage systems
  • Auto-Schedule – Nest remembers the temperatures you like and programs itself
  • Auto-Away – Nest saves energy by mechanically turning itself down when you’re away
  • Remote control – Connect Nest to Wi-Fi to control it from your smartphone, laptop or tablet
  • Easy install – Most householders install Nest themselves in 30 minutes or less. After that, it’s just a matter of altering the temperature
Air And Heating Units

Air And Heating Units Picture

Air And Heating Units

Air And Heating Units Picture

Air And Heating Units

Air And Heating Units Pic

Air And Heating Units

Air And Heating Units Photo

Air And Heating Units

Air And Heating Units Photo

Air And Heating Units

Air And Heating Units Image


170 of 186 people found the following review helpful.
5Energy-Efficient and Quality Built Thermostat.
By Saint04
I originally purchased the 1st generation of this thermostat. The only thing I didn’t like about the 1st gen thermostat was how far it protruded from the wall. On my final day for the return policy of the 1st gen, the 2nd gen was advertised to be released soon. So, I didn’t hesitate to uninstall the old thermostat to send it back, pre-order and wait on the 2nd gen. The 2nd gen thermostat’s profile in my opinion is perfect for the look and style I desire in my home; It makes my home appear a little more modern, but not too much. The install was easy and it looks great just as with the 1st gen. I noticed a $35 drop in my $120 per month power bill w/the first gen. I have a 2200 sq/ft home w/3bdrm and 2bth that’s occupied by only myself and my wife. My AC system is a basic singles stage AC and a two stage heater; I hooked up six wires: O,R,B(C),W2,G & Y. I live in FL and the AC runs at 82 during the day and 78 at night. I’m hoping for about the same performance if not better with this thermostat. I’ll admit I did try to go with a programmable Honeywell thermostat which ended up not being compatible with my system while waiting on this order. So my options were keep to my pre-order with the 2nd gen nest or keep the old thermostat from over ten years ago with no features. I’m glad to have decided to go with the 2nd gen Nest.

There are Nest only exclusive cost-saving features on this device. So please no ranting on how this is just another overpriced thermostat for those who are reading reviews and are against this product. Move on to another product where people care instead of being a Debbie downer. My two favorite features of this unit are the auto-away and air-wave technologies (for the A/C) which are probably the two most cost saving features for me. Air-wave shuts down the compressor before the push box. Since the coils are still cold from the compressor running, the thermostat knows how long it takes for your home to get from one temp to another. Depending on this time, the thermostat knows when to shut down the compressor to save power while still getting the home to the desired temp. Auto-away is a feature that shuts off the AC within a programmable range if it detects no one is home. My unit is in a hallway that doesn’t see much traffic (I spend most my time in a back office) and this unit still managed to not go into auto-away mode while I’m home. A side note on auto-away though is that it must be trained within the first two weeks before it has an idea of your home activity. Once the unit trains itself, the power saving features will all be automated unless you manually disable them.

As everyone else has claimed, the setup was quick and easy for both the thermostat and wifi to access a personal profile/account. The tools to install the thermostat are generously included with the premium price. Packaging was premium and very Apple-like; a nice presentation.

Yes, like mostly everyone else, I realize $250 is a lot to spend on a thermostat. I don’t mind spending that kind of money on something that is going into my home that will be used 24/7. If you don’t mind the price hurdle, I’m pretty confident you’ll be happy with the performance, company(Nest) and style of this thermostat.

I’m very happy with this thermostat if its anything like the 1st gen in performance. If it doesn’t perform, expect a followup to this review. As of now, I’m very pleased assuming the only real differences I’ll be expecting from the 1st to 2nd gen is aesthetic appeal.

If you have any questions, I’ll do my best to respond. Also, before giving a review a thumbs down, provide a suggestion for making it better. Thanks.

———-update (12-12-12)————–
I just wanted to mention then 2nd gen is on par with the 1st gen thermostat in cost savings and performance.

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5Nest 2nd Gen review
By nikecmh
Picked mine up from the store today.

***DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE THE FILM FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE UNIT*** I am one of those remove plastic wrap from everything kind of guys. Guess what, that isn’t plastic wrap on the entire bottom of the Nest ring itself. It’s the sensors. Don’t scuff up your Nest!

It took longer to unbox it then it did for me to install it. It helps that I only had 2 wires, red & white to connect. Connected to my Wifi easily. It then downloaded a software/hardware update 3.01. After that it was pretty painless.

Looks great on the wall. If you think the stainless ring reflects the color of your wall like they say it does, then you are willing it to happen.

I never had the Nest 1 to compare it to but this one is very sharp looking. Everything in the box was well packaged.

Mainly got this unit for the fuel savings and the fact that it does not need a “C” wire to work like every other fancy thermostat.

Android app works perfectly over 4G or Wifi. Running ICS on a Droid Razr.

Unit does have an Anti-Freeze temp setting since someone asked.

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5Beautiful and Functional
By G. Proulx
I just sat down from installing this. So far I am pleased. The packaging is simple, frustration-free, and esthetic. It comes with the thermostat unit itself, the wall mount that has an included level (I thought this was just fluff, but it would be difficult to level a circle without it), a metal mount if needed, a white rectangular backplate if you are covering up an unpainted area, and a screwdriver with 4 different heads that store themselves in the handle.

Installation was really easy. It took a little longer for me because I actually spackled and painted after I took my old thermostat off. Since half of the appeal for me is the Nest’s design, I declined taking a shortcut and using the backplate, although that is an option and the part looks well made. The screws are long and driving them into the wall without anchors was adequate for me, although one was a little too long so I used one of my own. The installation instructions include little tags to label your wires. After plugging in your wires, you pop the main unit on top.

The build and feel of this thermostat is top notch. It feels like real glass on the front, but it may be plastic, hard to tell. The sides are real metal. The turning is smooth and effortless. Pressing on the unit to select menu options produces a solid click. I didn’t have the 1st generation, but I like the very minimal, seamless, and slim design.

After putting the front part on, it turns on, detects your wireless, you type in your password (with the scroll wheel, it isn’t too bad), it detects an update, takes a few minutes to load it, and you are in business. Setup is pretty easy. The menus are clear and self explanatory. Go to and you can then set up a free account. The website automatically detects that a Nest is on your network and a prompt pops up on the thermostat to add it to your account. Once done, you can access the nest with your account on the web or in the apps.

My experience beyond this is limited since I just installed it. I enabled the early-on feature so that when I set it to 74 degrees at 6AM it is actually 74 degrees AT 6AM, not just starting to heat up at that time. I also went online and added the morning temperatures for the whole week (when we wake up is pretty consistent and I’d rather it not have to “learn” this on its own). One thing I did read that may be helpful is that temperature change points set manually are not altered by the self learning, while points it learns itself can be altered as they change.

Finally, when contemplating this purchase, I found a dearth of information on actual usage and savings. News outlets covered this product extensively when it first came out, and plenty of people reviewed it, but I couldn’t find a single solid review showing what it had actually done to one’s energy bill. However, Nest itself has a very good white paper on this very topic. If you go to and scroll to the end, there are two white papers. The one I looked at is titled “Efficiency Simulation White Paper.” I’m not positive on the specifics of whether it uses actual data or simply modeled data, but the paper goes over potential savings in a variety of climates (picked by different model cities). Given this data for my area (the northeast), the fact that my prior thermostat is non-programmable and we do not set it back manually, and the fact that according to the paper most of the savings comes from the heating portion of the thermostat (we only have heating hooked up to the thermostat), it seems like I will potentially recoup the cost in one winter.

Overall, I’ve been pleased with the product given my limited experience with it. If esthetics are important to you and you do not have a programmable thermostat, the Nest seems to be the best option (if not only option judging by how other thermostats look). If esthetics are not important to you, you already have a programmable thermostat, or you are looking at other programmable ones and are committed to actually programming them, and cost is a concern, there may be others to consider. However, for me this was a good purchase. Hope this was helpful! Feel free to reply if you have any questions. I’ll update this review if there are any new developments.

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