2 Ton Air Conditioning Unit

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Amvent Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning Systems are a powerful & flexible way to expeditiously cool & heat a room. Each scheme has two parts: an indoor unit & an outdoor unit. The indoor unit is mounted using a bracket – like a picture frame – on an exterior facing wall, then connected to the outdoor unit using a little hole drilled through the wall. Electricity is supplied by way of a 20 Amp Breaker (not supplied) to the Outdoor unit. The indoor unit draws it is power from the outdoor unit.

QUICK-INSTALL SYSTEM – All Amvent schemes use the QUICK-INSTALL system, making installation easy. The QUICK-INSTALL scheme features pre-wired indoor & outdoor units, Quick-Connection terminals for connecting the two units & pre-flared/pre-flanged insulated line sets (connecting pipes). There is no welding or soldering necessitated and no need to charge the system, since the system comes pre-charged with premium R410 refrigerant. Complete installation kit & hardware is included, plus a manual & installation instructions. Using the QUICK-INSTALL system, setup time is cut in half.

Each Amvent system is equipped with features & functions for ease & durability including:

• High Efficiency SEER 13 Cooling + Heat Pump
• Pre-charged with premium R410A Refrigerant
• Quick-Install System – pre-wired for Easy Installation
• Line set pre-flanged/pre-flared
• Digital Remote Control
• Smart LED Display
• Sleep Mode
• Digital Self Diagnostic Processor
• Microprocessor Controller
• Activated Carbon Filters
• Full Installation Kit (15 Foot Line Set Included)
• Elegant, Stylish Design
• Automatic Climate Control Setting
• Swinging/Oscillating Louvers
• Digital Timer (Auto On/Off)
• Auto-Restart
• Anti-Corrosion Paint/Coating
• LIMITED WARRANTY (1 Year Parts + 5 Year Compressor)

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #53211 in Home
  • Color: White with Silver
  • Brand: AMVENT
  • Model: AX12
  • Dimensions: 11.00″ h x 8.00″ w x 35.25″ l, 24.00 pounds


  • Complete System. Includes Indoor Unit (Evaporator), Outdoor Unit (Condensing Unit), Insulated Copper Line Set, Wireless Remote and Complete Installation Kit
  • 12000 BTU (1 Ton) High Efficiency Cooling + HEAT PUMP – 110V, 60Hz, Single Phase Power, SEER 13 – Cools/Heats an area of up to 540 Square Feet
  • Equipped with QUICK INSTALL system – Cuts Installation Time in Half
  • System is pre-charged with premium R410A refrigerant – No Additional Charging Required
2 Ton Air Conditioning Unit

2 Ton Air Conditioning Unit Pic

2 Ton Air Conditioning Unit

2 Ton Air Conditioning Unit Image

2 Ton Air Conditioning Unit

2 Ton Air Conditioning Unit Pic

2 Ton Air Conditioning Unit

2 Ton Air Conditioning Unit Pic

2 Ton Air Conditioning Unit

2 Ton Air Conditioning Unit Pic

2 Ton Air Conditioning Unit

2 Ton Air Conditioning Unit Picture


82 of 85 people found the following review helpful.
4Harder to install than I thought – pretty good A/C
By Stuart Dole
I really liked the idea of the split system, and the idea that it could be a lot quieter than a window A/C. I needed the 25′ hose kit since I was installing it on a second floor room (~250 sq ft), so I had to order through the distributor instead of Amazon.

It’s now installed and it works – cools and heats really well. It’s a bit noisier than I thought from the other reviews, but it’s a lot quieter than the old window unit it’s replacing. We use the room for meditation and yoga – we were hoping for something even quieter, but its internal squirrel cage fan seems a little off balance, and various plastic parts sometimes rattle.

It arrived in three packages – the outside unit, the inside unit, and the hoses. For me the hardest part about installing the outside unit was that I had to put in an outside disconnect box for power, and all the conduit and fittings that required, and a dedicated 15 amp circuit. It took a couple of days and about four trips back to the hardware store to get it right. It easily just sits on a couple of 12″x12″ pavers from Home Depot – you could use cinder blocks – just something under the feet.

The indoor unit was hard to mount – it’s heavy and awkward – you need two people. I had to buy a 2-3/4″ hole saw to make the hole in the wall for the hoses (pipes), power cable, and condensation drain line (one hole for all). But it does snap onto the bracket when it’s done.

The (amazing!) instructions are actually adequate, but they had me buy a torque wrench for the refrigerant flare fittings, which it turns out you don’t need – a regular adjustable wrench (or two) is fine. It took a couple of trips up and down the ladder with soap solution and the wrenches to get the fittings snug and not leaking. The thing they don’t tell you is that to get the air out of the system you press the Schrader valve stem for 3-4 seconds (it really blasts out) on the “T-branch valve” (which is closed, while the fluid line valve is open). Then you’re good to go.

The tape you’re supposed to wrap the hoses (pipes), cable, and drain line with is not sticky – it’s just a strip of thin vinyl, and it’s too easy to drop it from high on a ladder while you’re wrapping. But it finally works.

The last thing that got me was when it was all wired up, nothing happened. I used a test meter and verified that power was going to the outside unit from the disconnect box okay, and to the cable to the indoor unit. I finally had the determination to open the cover on the indoor unit, remove the 5 screws, and remove the middle cover. Then I removed the metal cover from the electronics module (one screw) and discovered that the cable had pulled and one of the power connectors was now about one inch too short to reach where it was supposed to connect! Another trip to the hardware store and I had an extension (the cable could not be pulled back since it was now all wrapped tight with the hoses). It was hard to plug in, but with a long pair of needle-nose pliers I finally got it. Putting it all back together is tricky (a true Chinese puzzle) but patience works, and the air-direction vanes are not damaged, and everything fits nicely.

And it works!

I figure I saved $1000 by installing it myself (based on one bid from an HVAC guy), and I’m happy I did. I’d definitely do it again.

24 of 26 people found the following review helpful.
4Very good for the price.
By MishkaNY
I bought this air conditioner for a 350 SQ FT office, it did very good job cooling it down, it is quiet.

Installation was easy, the included instructions were very brief and hard to understand (that is why it lost a star). I found a couple of videos on youtube that made the installation very easy.

Today was the first time to use the heat pump, no complains.

23 of 25 people found the following review helpful.
5Great Amvent 12kBTU mini split
By Jimbabwe
Great Product! Quick ship. Very quiet unit inside and out. My weather has been relatively cool, thus a real test will come with the heat. My only complaint is the manual and instructions. They are somewhat less than precise, however tech support is great via phone. I am not very handy or experienced and I got it done.

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